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"I'd give you today, but it's not mine yet. I'll ask you to stay here with me till then. I think I'm falling for you, I just want to look in your eyes and see All that you have looking back at me I think tonight, I love." -The Latency, Tonight I love you
This blog is dedicated to the girl I'm starting to fall for. (Following back my first 1,000 followers. ***You need to be a love blog.)


people who randomly decide to compliment you are so important

› My friend needs help too. Please message her before me
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Dr. Spencer Reid -Criminal Minds
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<b> Girls:</b> I your weight doesn't define your beauty.<p><b>Guys:</b> Your strength doesn't define if you're a man or not or how big of one.<p>


We can’t always be our own hero. Sometimes we need someone to play the role for us.

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